A Different View of the River

By Christina Fischer, Monterey Bay Director, The Nature Conservancy

The E. coli contamination of spinach this past September brought food-safety recalls back into our living rooms and kitchens. As Paul mentioned in his article, many farmers were forced by the FDA to “voluntarily” recall their product. What does it mean to “voluntarily” recall your product? Is there such a thing as an “involuntary” recall?


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Waiver of Subrogation

By Soren Diaz

With the growing number of food contamination outbreaks and the ensuing multi-million dollar personal injury lawsuits being filed by sick consumers, as well as recent scientific research and technological advances that have made it easier to rapidly and accurately trace back the source of pathogen contamination to a particular crop and field, it is crucial for farmers and growers to...

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Communication and Today's Food Supply Chain

By Greg Larsen

From soil to seed to store shelves, agriculture in America is an enormous team effort. Scientists, water specialists, farmers, packers, shippers, regulators and retailers and so many more make up the modern day food supply chain. At the same time, they are also all key links in today’s food safety chain, and how they communicate among themselves and...

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The Devil in the Details

By Brad Sullivan

It is an honor to be writing the first submission to It is ironic that I am writing this so soon after the regulations for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), adopted January 4, 2011, were released, because the genesis of this site started at a food safety conference I spoke at in February 2011. I spoke...

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