About Us

Members of our website individually and/or collectively work with businesses, managers and other food safety and product safety professionals to provide:


How prepared are you to respond quickly to keep a simple contamination from turning into a full-scale outbreak?

The Recall-Ready.com team offers a full range of services to put the needed steps in place including:

  • Organization of a food safety team
  • Creation of an emergency response handbook
  • Technology assistance to implement recalls
  • Review and implementation of procedures to accurately identify impacted products and
  • Preparation for meetings with regulators and plaintiff lawyers

Reaction Guidance

Once a product has tested positive what do you do next?

Our members are experienced in interacting and working with regulators to assist you with the management of a potential recall, focusing immediately on customer safety but also working to mitigate future litigation risk and claims.

Recall Assistance

If you face a recall, how do you manage and disseminate all of the communications and record keeping required with customers, regulators and media?

Once a decision has been made to recall product, our team has the skills and experience to help you in meeting with regulators to ensure public safety and minimize product loss; overseeing product recall; coordinating media interaction; implementing notice requirements; retrieving recall data and reports from your inventory, systems and vendors; and managing pre-litigation risk and exposure.


Are you ready if you face litigation?

Our team members are already in place throughout the United States, and represent the best insurance defense counsel and experts in the food manufacturing business. Our website member network works collaboratively and efficiently to provide you with cost effective and high quality legal, technical and communications services to resolve claims.

Who We Are

Recall-Ready.com is composed of an experienced group of foodborne illness defense attorneys, communication consultants and technology experts working together to serve the needs of growers, producers and processors throughout the United States. They include: